Make Your Wedding Stand Out with a Luxury Portable Toilet

Your wedding is the most special day in your life. Why would you treat it as anything less than that? If you are looking to have the best wedding possible, then you need luxury portable toilets! If you haven’t been to an event with luxury toilets available, you might be wondering how they differ from the units you are so used to seeing at other events:

  1. They typically come in the form of a trailer. A luxury portable toilet is more like a portable men’s and women’s restroom than it is a single toilet stall. The trailers are typically 20 feet long or longer, ten feet wide, and ten feet high. The experience will be similar to walking into a restroom similar to a hotel or other luxury facility.
  2. They also have ADA-approved accessibility. While the standard single units are all separate and will require the rental of an additional unit for the physically handicapped, luxury portable toilets include a special section that is ADA-approved. It seems strange that something which should be a given often ends up being a luxury.
  3. The exterior has an attractive, professional, and polished look. The standard porta potty is blue, white, and plain. It does the job, and that’s about it. Luxury portable toilets, however, are included inside of a trailer that may have faux siding, for example. They look more like a small cottage or summer cabin than they do a restroom. They will impress your guests.
  4. The interior is finished like that of a hotel. Although the materials used on the interior are often imitations, they nonetheless create a much more attractive appearance. Walls appear to be marble, wood floors are laminated, and rugs are often present. Cabinets are made of oak, toilets are porcelain, polished brass faucets are present, and sometimes you might even hear relaxing sound emanating from a stereo sound system. The experience is similar to using a restroom at a luxury hotel.

Luxury portable toilets are much more comfortable and appealing than the standard offering. If you want to truly impress your guests, a luxury portable restroom is the only way to go.

Ready to take your wedding to the next level? Moon Portable Restrooms in Louisville, KY takes great pride in providing superior portable restroom rentals and is highly recognized for renting clean and reliable restroom rental equipment. Our luxury portable restrooms are perfect addition for your wedding and can be delivered anywhere in Louisville. Please call us today at 502-776-2199 to ask us any questions you might have regarding luxury portable toilets.

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