24’ Urban Restroom Trailer

The 24′ Urban Restroom Trailer available at Moon Portable Restrooms features top of the line amenities. With flushing stalls, running water sinks, and wood grain floors, your guests will feel like they’re at home. Deliver unbeatable comfort and class to the attendees at your next event. Rent this restroom trailer exclusively available at Moon Portable Restrooms.

Our 24′ restroom trailer is two-sided, divided for men and women, and features sinks and private flushing stalls on both sides. These are powered by the 200-gallon onboard fresh water storage. A fire hydrant or garden hose will also suffice as a water supply. Urinals are available on the men’s side of Moon’s Urban Restroom Trailer for a total of 7 stalls and 3 urinals throughout the entire mobile luxury restroom.

Dimensions: 26” L x 26” W x 91” H

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Like all of our luxury restroom trailers, this 24′ restroom trailer can be rented on daily, weekly, or monthly depending on your needs. Contact our customer service team today! Get any questions answered and schedule your delivery by calling 502-776-2199!