Upscale Portable Restrooms for VIP Events

When planning an upscale event, it’s important to consider the number of expected guests in order to meet all their individual needs. In addition to renting the right number of chairs and tables, planning for a coat check, and ordering plenty of food, you’ll want to examine the restroom situation at your venue. Portable restroom trailers are a great option for both indoor and outdoor events.

Indoor Event Solutions

If your event will be held at a venue with convenient access to the outdoors, portable restroom trailers are an ideal solution to the restroom problem. These trailers can be situated close to a back exit. Be sure to have your printer create elegant signs that point guests to these outdoor locations so everyone can easily locate the additional restroom facilities. These portable restrooms can help to deal with the needs of a large crowd.

Outdoor Events

VIP events that are held outdoors take careful planning, and in many cases, restroom facilities are nonexistent at the outdoor venue. Neglecting to cover this important detail could be a disaster for your event. If you are planning an upscale event, you certainly don’t want to use a traditional portable toilet like you might find at a construction site. Portable restroom toilets are the perfect option to match the ambiance of your event and give your guests a beautiful space to primp and wash up after a meal.

Why Choose Portable Restroom Trailers?

Elegant portable restroom trailers come with a host of luxury amenities, including high quality Corian counters, ceramic tile floors, flat-screen TVs, 100 percent private restroom cabins, and spacious vanities for applying makeup and adjusting hair. Your trailers also come with a restroom attendant who will keep the space clean and tidy throughout your event. Climate control keeps the trailers comfortable, and retractable awnings on the exterior provide protection from the sun.

Make sure that the restroom facilities at your VIP event are just as clean and beautiful as the rest of your venue. Choose deluxe portable restroom trailers to give your guests a great experience at your event. You’ll be able to accommodate a larger crowd without impacting the ambiance and experience for your partygoers.

Take Your Outdoor Event to the Next Level with Portable Restroom Trailers

Planning the perfect outdoor event takes plenty of preparation, and you’ll need to consider all the details that will make the experience amazing for your guests. From entertainment to food, every aspect of the event needs to be coordinated, but many people don’t consider the need for additional restroom facilities. Here are a few things to keep in mind when making arrangements for restrooms.

Existing Facilities May Not Be Up to Your Standards

Public restrooms are notoriously unpredictable. While some venues take excellent care of their facilities, others barely give them a passing thought. You don’t want to take a gamble that your outdoor event will be less than successful thanks to shoddy restrooms. A portable restroom trailer setup can ensure that all your guests are comfortable and satisfied with the facilities at your event.

Available Restrooms Must Be Proportionate to the Size of Your Crowd

Even if there are available restrooms that meet your expectations, they may not be plentiful enough to serve the crowd at your event. Strategically placed portable restroom trailers can help accommodate the needs of a large crowd. You can create a bank of restrooms, or you can place some near the dining area and others near the entertainment area so your guests won’t have to walk too far to find a restroom.

These Aren’t Your Typical Portable Restrooms

For an upscale event, you probably don’t want to go with a traditional portable restroom. Restroom trailers are spacious, clean, and comfortable, and they afford your guests with unmatched privacy. These trailers come with hot and cold running water, flushing toilets, climate control, and perhaps most importantly, restroom attendants to keep the space neat and tidy throughout your event. There are a host of options to choose from, including basic trailers and upscale deluxe editions, so you can choose the trailer that fits your needs and budget.

When you are planning an outdoor event, don’t leave the restroom situation to chance. Choose portable restroom trailers for a clean, comfortable experience that your event attendees will appreciate. You’ll have enough restrooms to meet the needs of a large crowd, and your guests.

Don’t Forget About Portable Restroom Trailers for Your Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings offer you the chance to spend your special day in the sun, surrounded by all your friends and family. You’ve probably already picked out the caterer, DJ and wedding colors, but have you considered the needs of your guests? Portable restroom trailers are a must-have for any outdoor wedding.

Convenience and Style

You probably don’t want a traditional portable toilet, and that’s completely understandable. You want restrooms that match the elegance of your wedding and give your guests a space where they feel comfortable. Portable restroom trailers are the perfect option. These mobile restrooms come with a host of amenities, including:

  • A dedicated attendant to keep the restroom cabins clean
  • Fully private cabins for added comfort
  • Hot and cold running water
  • Flushing toilets
  • Heating and air conditioning

You can even choose a deluxe portable restroom trailers that feature Corian counters, ceramic tile floors, vessel sinks, and flat-screen TVs. This elegant option is a great match for formal outdoor events.

Discreet Setup

Unlike regular portable toilets, portable restroom trailers are discreet. They look like any other trailer you might find at a park or business. Awnings provide shade, and locking doors provide the privacy your guests expect. Each trailer features two cabins for women and one for men, which keeps the lines for restrooms at your event shorter.

What if My Outdoor Venue Already Has Restrooms?

If you are getting married at a public park, chances are that there will be restrooms on the park grounds, but what are the conditions of these restrooms? Not only are they open to the public as well as your wedding party, but they also aren’t likely maintained regularly. The last thing you want is to send your wedding guests into a dirty restroom. Portable restroom trailers are neat and clean, and best of all; they are only for your guests.

When you plan your outdoor wedding, you’ll want to think of every tiny detail to make sure your special day goes off without a hitch. Renting portable restroom trailers should be a key detail of your wedding day. Don’t let your guests be uncomfortable as you celebrate; rent portable restroom trailers for your event.