300 Gallon Holding Tank

  • Photo of a Moon Portable Restroom's 300 Gallon Holding Tank

This 300 Gallon Holding Tank from PolyJohn and available through Moon Portable Restrooms is a sanitation necessity. The holding tank works as a receptacle for waste in an outdoor area where indoor plumbing is not available. These holding tanks that you can rent from Moon Portable Restrooms are discrete and assure that the waste from workers, event attendees, or guests is stored safely and without much notice.

These holding tanks are comprised of plastic that is extremely durable and each tank is compatible with a wide variety of plumbing configurations. This insures that your area remains clean without much attendance or maintenance necessary. Our holding tanks are designed to be used with multiple of our portable restroom styles that are available for rent.

Dimensions: 95” L x 53.5” W x 16” H

When you rent the 300 gallon holding tank alongside portable restrooms, you are renting the highest capacity holding tank on the market. These holding tanks available through Moon Portable Restrooms are ideal for construction sites where often OSHA requires a holding tank to be present when portable restrooms are on site, as well. We also offer these holding tanks in a “natural” color which will show the fluid level with one look and is required under some state laws.

If you are renting portable restrooms for a construction or other job site from Moon Portable Restrooms, talk to our customer service representatives about renting holding tanks as well. Our holding tank rentals are available for rent by the day, week, or month and can be reserved by calling 502-776-2199 today!