8 Individual Stall Shower Trailer

This 8X28′, 8-Door, 8-Station shower trailer is the most private shower trailer option available. Each shower is equipped with individual access and temperature control, ensuring users enjoy total privacy and comfort. This private shower trailer is adaptable for various purposes, serving as a disaster relief, emergency or decontamination shower based on your specific requirements.

This shower trailer available exclusively at Moon Portable Restrooms features 8 standalone shower stalls with individual dressing rooms. Each stall comes with a vanity countertop, sink and a mirror above the vanity. The 8-door shower trailer has the freshwater capacity of 200 gallon, the amount of clean water available, and the wastewater capacity of 1000 gallon, the holding capacity for used water. The larger wastewater tank allows for extended use and minimizes the need for frequent emptying, providing practical usage. The trailer features a Group 24 battery, which engages emergency braking in the event of detachment from the towing vehicle and functions as a backup power supply for essential trailer requirements.

The 8-door, 8-station shower trailer offered by Moon Portable Restrooms includes durable vinyl flooring and walls, making it an ideal option at training camps, disaster relief sites or oil fields. This 8-door, 8-station shower trailer will provide a clean and secure environment for your employees or event attendees.

When fully set up, this trailer measures 32′ in length and 8’5″ in width. You will need a clear level area, 3 dedicated 110-watt / 20 amp circuits, and a water source within 50’. If you have questions about the specifications or pricing, call Moon Portable Restrooms at 502-776-2199.


  • Number of Stations: 8
  • Length with Tongue: 28′ | 32′
  • Road Width: 8’5″
  • Height with AC: 11’6″
  • Freshwater Capacity: 200 gallons
  • Wastewater Capacity: 1000 gallons
  • Weight: 12,500 pounds
  • Axles: (2) 7,000 lb Torsion
  • Wheels: 16″ Aluminum