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Affordable Portable Restroom Rentals Jeffersonville, Indiana

Jeffersonville, Indiana is a city that borders the Ohio River directly across from Louisville, KY and acts as the county seat of Clark County. As of the 2020 census, the population rests around 50,000 people and the city limits encompass a total of 34.35 square miles of area. It’s a convenient location for travelers and a lovely Indiana town with lots of fun things to do and places to go for people looking to settle in a fun, residential community within a couple of miles of a big city. Moon Portable Restroom Rentals is proud to provide clean, well-maintained and affordable portable restroom rentals to customers throughout Jeffersonville, Indiana.

The History of Jeffersonville, IN

Core events in Jeffersonville’s history include:

  • Functioning as a shipyard from the early-mid 1800s until 2018
  • Being one of the largest routes for fugitives in the Underground Railroad
  • Being home to the Jefferson General Hospital
  • Being a main military supply depot during the Civil War and WWI (The Quartermaster’s Depot)
  • De-segregating their schools 2 years before Brown v. Board of Education passed and being considered a model city for it
  • Being nicknamed “Little Las Vegas” due to a booming gambling scene in the 1930s that became so widespread that it brought in famous mobsters such as Clark Gable, Al Capone, and John Dillinger
    • The 40s came with the downfall of the gambling scene due to public outcry and rising violence

Jeffersonville in Modern Times

Parks and the Big Four Station

The Big Four Station Park sits at the base of the Big Four Pedestrian bridge and features a plaza and park with green space, fountains, a playground, and access to downtown. It acts as a venue to many of Jeffersonville’s popular events! Other beautiful parks managed by Jeffersonville Parks and Recreation include:

  • Chapel Lake Park, which supports catch-and-release fishing alongside the walking trails
  • The Jeffersonville Skate Park
  • Riverstage Entertainment Venue
  • The Jeffersonville Aquatic Center
  • The Highland Dog Park
  • John Wilcoxson Park
  • Steamboat Park
  • And many more!

Schools in Jeffersonville, IN

Jeffersonville’s 8 public schools are part of the Greater Clark County school system. Altogether, Jeffersonville has 11 schools.

Franklin Square Elementary, Thomas Jefferson Elementary, Northaven Elementary, Riverside Elementary, and Wilson Elementary make up the five elementary schools. Parkview Middle School and River Valley Middle School are the two middle schools in Jeffersonville, and Jeffersonville High School is the public high school.

There is one private school available for families – Sacred Heart Catholic School, which hosts students grades Pre-K through 8th grade – and two alternative schools, Clark County Middle and High School and Corden Porter School.

Food and Dining in Jeffersonville, Indiana

There are plenty of delicious dining options around town, such as the popular riverside restaurant KingFish in Jeffersonville Indiana, the play-and-dine Union Restaurant & Gameyard, the pet-friendly Parlour Pizza, and dozens of other bakeries, steak houses, taphouses, breweries, and more!

One of Jeffersonville’s claims to fame is Papa Johns, the 4th-largest pizza delivery chain in the world. It started in the closet-turned-oven kitchen in Mick’s Lounge, which is still a functioning bar in Jeff today!

US Bureau of the Census

Jeffersonville is the home of the United States Bureau of the Census’s National Processing Center, where a majority of collection, capture, and deliverance of census data occurs! This plant is one of Southern Indiana’s largest employers.

Events in Jeffersonville, IN

Jeffersonville puts on several fun events throughout the year, such as:

  • The Abbey Road on the River music festival, which is the largest Beatles-inspired festival in the world
  • The Great Steamboat Race
  • The Southern Indiana Pride Parade and Festival
  • Jammin in Jeff
  • The Taste of Jeffersonville
  • The Spring Street Festival

Jeffersonville also has one distinct advantage that many other towns don’t: it’s so close to the Indiana/Kentucky state border that you can see Louisville, KY. Louisville puts on the nation’s largest annual fireworks and airshow, Thunder Over Louisville, and is home to the Kentucky Derby and KFC YUM Center. Its proximity and connection to Kentucky’s largest city makes Jeffersonville a convenient place to stay for events.

Bridges from Jeffersonville, IN to Louisville, KY

Visitors have the option to walk or bike across the Ohio River from Jeffersonville to Louisville and back in two separate places:

  1. The pedestrian and bicycle-only Big Four Pedestrian Bridge
  2. The sidewalks of the Second Street Bridge – also known as the George Rogers Clark Memorial Bridge

However, driving between the cities is extremely accessible, as well! The Clark Memorial Bridge is a toll-free option that takes drivers between Court Avenue in Jeffersonville to 2nd Street in Louisville. There are also two 6-lane, one-way toll bridges that connect Jeff to Louisville – the John F. Kennedy Memorial Bridge for southbound traffic into Kentucky and the newer Abraham Lincoln Bridge that carries northbound traffic into Indiana.

Best Affordable Portable Restroom Rentals Jeffersonville, Indiana

Moon Portable Restrooms provides quality portable toilet rentals at affordable prices for citizens and business owners in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Our units are perfect for construction sites and other commercial purposes as well as special events, weddings, concerts and outdoor parties. We have a variety of different designs, such as:

The Standard Portable Restroom

Moon has clean, affordable portable restrooms Jeffersonville, IndianaFeatures of the Moon Standard Portable Restroom include maximum ventilation, a roomy interior with an anti-slip surface, and an occupancy signal latch. Each Standard Portable Restroom from Moon comes with two tissue rolls and a translucent roof to allow more lighting into the portable restroom.

The Flushable Portable Toilet

Moon has flushable portable bathrooms Jeffersonville, IndianaThe Moon Flushable Portable Restroom is an ideal portable restroom for those events that demand a premium porta potty. The Moon Flushable is one step up from the Standard Portable Restroom thanks to its flushing ability and larger floor space. The larger floor space provides added comfort and convenience for your guests. Sanitary hands-free flushing via a foot pump and a hidden waste tank gives your guests a comfortable experience they are sure to enjoy. This is the perfect portable restroom for events where there will be large numbers of parents with children who need assistance in the bathroom.

Handicap Accessible ADA Portapotty

Moon has ADA handicap, affordable portable restrooms Jeffersonville, IndianaMoon Portable Restrooms offers ADA compliant portable restrooms. While fulfilling the requirements set by the American Disabilities Act, the spacious units not only offer comfort to wheelchair bound and handicap guest, but to parents accompanying their children to the restrooms as well.

Moon Portable Restrooms has years of decades of experience offering the #1 affordable portable restroom rentals Jeffersonville, Indiana. Whether you need a luxury restroom trailer, portable handicap restrooms, and/or handwashing stations, we’ve got you covered. Moon Portable Restrooms proudly services customers across the State of Kentucky and Southern Indiana. For more information, give Moon Portable Restrooms a call at 502-776-2199 or fill out a contact form on our website today!