If you are looking for portable restroom solutions on high-rise construction sites then look no further than the PolyLift available at Moon Portable Restrooms. This custom portable restroom is designed specifically with high-rise job sites in mind and the PolyLift portable restroom can be lifted by crane or elevator without issue.

The PolyLift available for rent through Moon Portable Restrooms is only 84 cm (33 in) wide which makes it easier to move through doors, elevators, and features an optional roof for days with inclement weather. With the PolyLift, you can rest assured that your workers will be kept safe regardless of where they are working.

Dimensions with Roof: 62”L x 35” W x  91” H
Dimensions without Roof: 53” L x 33” W x 69” H

The PolyLift portable restroom designed specifically for high-rise construction sites features heavy duty casters that make it easy to transport. The PolyLift can be lifted by crane to the desired resting spot or rolled into an elevator and transported up to the floor it will be located on.

Rent the PolyLift portable restroom with or without the roof from Moon Portable Restrooms today! You can call 502-776-2199 today to speak to a customer service representative and schedule a day, time, and location for your delivery!