Lift Sling

The Lift Sling from Moon Portable Restrooms is an accessory for portable restrooms used on construction sites or other job sites where a crane is present. It is designed to move portable restrooms from one location to another by lifting the portable restroom above any impediments that may be in the pathway between destinations A and B.

The Lift Sling consists of a skid unit made out of plastic and galvanized steel ropes that will not rust in rain or snow. Each Sling Set rental comes with a toolkit that houses all the pieces and parts you will need to easily install and operate the Lift Sling.  At Moon Portable Restrooms, the Lift Sling can be used with our Standard Portable Restroom Rental.

For more information or to rent a Lift Sling from Moon Portable Restrooms today, contact us at 502-776-2199 and speak to a customer service representative. We will be able to schedule a day, time, and place for delivery and answer any questions you may have!