Guide to Visiting NuLu KY. Dumpster Rentals in Nulu KY

Best Portapotty and Dumpster Rentals in NuLu, KY

NuLu, otherwise known as New Louisville or East Market District, is one of Louisville, KY’s oldest neighborhoods. This unofficial district is situation on east Market Street, as its name implies. To the north, it is bordered by Butchertown, the south by Phoenix Hill, the east by Irish Hill, and the west by downtown Louisville. It is a lively neighborhood with a continually growing culture of art, festivals, restaurants, bars, and local businesses. It was even featured in Cameron Crowe’s 2005 film Elizabethtown with Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst. Moon Companies are proud to offer citizens and businesses the best porta potty and dumpster rentals in NuLu, KY!

NuLu at a Glance

History and Architecture

Annexed by Louisville in 1827 when it was still known as “Uptown,” NuLu has been the site of community development for decades. In 1832, it was the home of the Woodland Gardens, an entertainment hub popular amongst German immigrants. In 1880, the Gardens because the Bourbon Stockyards, which promoted 5 Market Houses and livestock tradesman of all specialties. Two of the Market Houses – the Shelby Market and the Preston Market – are still standing today!

In more modern times, NuLu hosted several institutions to fight homelessness, but was ultimately bought out and renovated. Now, visitors and residents alike can find structures that nod to original structures, such as the Haymarket Bistro, which pays homage to the original ethnically-rich, open-air market of the 1800-mid 1900s. They will also find restored architecture like the Green Building, which was built in 1891 as Sternau’s Dry Good but is now Kentucky’s first LEED Platinum adaptive reuse structure.

Places to Stay in Nulu

If you are planning on staying in NuLu for vacation or as you find more permanent housing options, there are plenty of hotels and short-term rental options available. Hotel Genevieve is a historic Louisville gem and boutique hotel. Modern suites are available at the Home2 Suites by Hilton and AC Hotel by Marriot as well.

Things to Do in Nulu, Louisville

Looking for a fun way to spend your time in Louisville? NuLu has it all! Whether it be provoking art galleries, Korean-inspired karaoke, rock-climbing, a craft brew, professional soccer games, or goat races (you can find those at the Bock Fest), there is a lot of fun packed into Nulu’s blocks. Check out some of NuLu’s events below!

Restaurants in NuLu

NuLu was named as one of the top 18 Best Food Neighborhoods in America by the Thrillist, and for good reason! Please and Thank You, a café and record shop that sells coffee, sweets, sandwiches, was voted as the Best Cookie Shop in the US in the 2023 USA Today’s Readers’ Choice Awards. However, it’s not just coffee and cookies. Featuring plenty of coffee shops, ethnic cuisine restaurants, bars, and other eatery’s, the food scene is diverse and delicious. If you are in the area, stop by a local spot, like:

  • Bar Genevieve
  • bar Vetti
  • Biscuit Belly Nulu
  • Bourbon Bent BBQ
  • Emmy Squared Pizza Nulu Louisville
  • Feast BBQ
  • Guacamole Modern Mexican
  • La Bodeguita de Mima
  • Lou Lou on Market
  • Louisville Cream
  • Meesh Meesh Mediterranean
  • Quills Coffee
  • Torino’s Sandwich Bar

Festivals and Events

  • NuLu Summer Fest
  • NuLu Fest
  • NuLu Jingle Fest
  • Bock Fest

Fun Activities

  • Climb Nulu
  • Flying Axes
  • The Craftery
  • Maddox & Rose Marketplace

Distilleries and Bars

  • Angel’s Envy
  • Rabbit Hole Distillery
  • Taste Fine Wines and Bourbons
  • NoraeBar
  • Galaxie
  • West Sixth Nulu


  • Louisville Slugger Field
  • Lynn Family Stadium, Home of Racing Louisville FC and Lou City
  • Revelry Boutique and Gallery
  • Garner Narrative Contemporary Fine Art
  • Louisville Photo Biennial
  • Paul Paletti Gallery

Moon Companies Services in NULU, Louisville, KY

With so many fun events going on, there are many outdoor event services that companies may need. Moon Companies offer full services across the board in several commercial and residential areas. You can find the phone number of any service your event might need below. Find your portable restroom, shipping container, or dumpster rentals in NuLu, KY today!

Moon Portable Restrooms

Moon Portable Restrooms is the premium portable bathroom rental company in Louisville and the surrounding areas. We offer the best prices on portable toilet units. From standard to ADA-compliant, high-rise special units to luxury bathroom and shower trailers, we have it all. Call us about our porta johns and related equipment for your construction site or outdoor event today at 502-776-2199.

Moon Mini Dumpsters

Our affordable 6-yard, 9-yard, 12-yard, 16-yard, 20-yard, 30-yard, and 40-yard sizing options are the best in the industry. Moon Mini Dumpsters offer both residential and commercial dumpster rentals all over Louisville and NuLu. We deliver on-time, and always place our roll-off dumpsters on wooden plants for protection. Let us haul your junk away, whether it be from renovations, spring cleaning, demolitions, yard cleanups, and more. For quality roll-off dumpster rentals in NuLu or the surrounding areas, call 502-268-8153.

Moon Grease Trap Cleaning

Keep your grease traps and grease interceptors up to date with food safety ordinances with Moon Grease Trap Cleaning. We deal with all the fats, oil, and grease (FOG) in your restaurant so that you don’t have to. Our environmentally-friendly disposal methods can be used once or set on a convenient schedule. You won’t have to worry about dirty grease traps with Moon! Call to schedule your grease trap cleaning at 502-776-2199.

Go Minis KY Portable Storage Units

With three portable storage units in 12 ft, 16 ft, and 20 ft sizes, Go Minis KY is here for any project. Our largest 20 foot portable storage unit offers 25% more storage capacity than any of our competitors. Otherwise, our units are vented, sturdy, moisture-resistant, and easy to load. If you are moving, starting a home-improvement project, or need long-term storage at our secure Louisville facility, call us today at 502-906-2032.

Moon Trailer Leasing

If you are looking to rent or buy a shipping container, Moon Trailer Leasing offers new and used Conex boxes. We also specialize in portable offices and storage trailers. Call us today at 502-776-2199 to rent your storage container!

  • Our storage trailers come in 28 ft, 40 ft, 45 ft, 48 ft and 53 ft
  • Shipping containers come in 20 ft or 40 ft lengths with the option for both standard and Hi-Cube models
  • Portable offices are available for rent in:
    • 20 or 40 ft Ground-Level Offices
    • 20 or 40 ft Storage/Office Combinations
  • 20 or 30 ft Office Trailers on Wheels with OSHA-approved steps

Moon Refrigeration

Our portable electric refrigeration and freezer containers offer state of the art technology. Our new generation domestic containers are equipped with the the Carrier PrimeLINE Refrigeration Technology. These units provide world class performance when it comes to energy efficiency and noise reduction. Our units are ready to run after an easy electrical hookup to facilitate the process for you and your business. Call us at 502-268-8153 to rent your reefer container today.

Moon Portable Restrooms provides portable restroom rentals to the residents of Clarksville, IN.

Portable Restroom Rentals in Clarksville, IN

When exploring the Kentuckiana region, Clarksville, IN is a can’t miss stop for those interested in history, geography, archaeology, and more! Moon Portables provides portable restroom rentals all over Kentucky and Southern Indiana, including Clarksville. Read more about the town below!

About Clarksville, IN

As the oldest American town in the former Northwest Territory, Clarksville was founded in 1783 by George Rogers Clark, first being used as a base of operations during the Revolutionary War before it officially became a town in 1783. The town is settled at the only seasonal rapids on the entire Ohio River and is home to the Colgate clock – one of the largest clocks in the world – as well as the Falls of the Ohio State Park, where you can find the world’s largest exposed Devonian-period fossil bed!

Outside of the Falls of Ohio, however, you can also visit the 332-acre Lapping Park that has a variety of sports fields alongside hiking trails and an amphitheater, the 430-acre Origin Park, or the second-largest Bass Pro store in the US. If you’re looking for something fun to do, the Clarksville Little Theater is one of the oldest continuously-running community theaters in the US, which is interesting when paired with the fact that Clarksville is also home to the Derby Dinner Playhouse, the only dinner theater in the area.

Clarksville has a claim to fame in the restaurant industry, too! While it’s neighboring town of Jeffersonville, IN was home to the original Papa Johns, Clarksville was home to the original Texas Roadhouse.

Clarksville Indiana Portable Restroom Rentals

According to the 2020 census, Clarksville, IN is home to 22,333 people. Friends, neighbors, residents, and families have plenty of things to celebrate and plenty of places to celebrate them – Moon Portable Toilets wants to be your #1 choice for portable restrooms and portable restroom trailers! Whether you’re in the park or your backyard with 5 people or 5,000, Moon will deliver the service you need!

How Do I Know Which Portable Restroom Is Right For Me?

It can be overwhelming to see all the different types of portable restrooms that Moon offers! We’re here to break it down for you, based on your specific needs.

Restrooms Vs. Trailers

Here at Moon, we offer two broad categories of restroom equipment: restrooms and trailers. Restrooms are single serve, “porta-potty” style structures. We offer a standard portable restroom, a flushable portable restroom, and a handicap equipped portable restroom.

The other type of equipment we offer are restroom trailers and shower trailers for large commercial and personal events. These vary in size, features, and level of accessibility. Interested in a handicap accessible trailer? Explore the Executive ADA Restroom trailer! This ADA compliant trailer has three private cabins that feature cabinetry, hardwood flooring, and wainscoting. 

We have the largest selection of trailers in the region–contact us today to learn more about which is best for your purposes. 

Luxury Restroom Trailers

One of our most popular offerings are luxury restroom trailers, perfect for weddings and sophisticated events. These trailers come equipped with not only sinks, mirrors, and flushing toilets, but even AC and heat! Interested? Check out the luxurious Comfort Elite Platinum Plus, which offers a full size vanity, a wood grain floor, mirrors, cabinetry, subway tile, and even a built-in stereo! It’s these little details that make your special event memorable!

Handwashing Stations

In addition to restrooms and trailers, we offer a two-station portable sink, the Bravo Handwashing Station. This is the perfect accessory for any special event or job site. It even includes dual soap dispensers, dual paper towel dispensers, and deep sinks!

A portable restroom and hand washing station from Moon Portable Restrooms, part of a press release

Moon Portable Restrooms has years of experience offering the best portable restrooms, restroom trailers, portable handicap restrooms, and handwashing stations available to customers across Kentucky and Southern Indiana. For more information, give Moon Portable Restrooms a call at 502-776-2199.

Moon Portable Restrooms has enough portable toilets for any size of wedding!

How Many Portable Restrooms Should I Rent?

Wedding season. How festive a time with just as much chaotic energy and stress as there are nuptial joys – a good wedding might seem put together from the outside, but if you’ve ever planned an event, then you might know how the minute details make all the difference. From how level the ground is for the ceremony to the number of chairs there needs to be, there’s always something to be outlined and calculated. Within these calculations, there’s also the question of portable restrooms: how many will you need? Which kind will be the best for your wedding? How long will you need the units for?

There are several factors that go into successfully have portable toilets at your wedding, and Moon Portable Restrooms are here to help you brainstorm some of the important considerations you’ll need to think about as you research our portable restroom rentals!

Amount of Guests

Perhaps one of the most important deciding factors for the question, the amount of guests will influence the other factors, as well. OSHA laws require construction sites to have at least one toilet for 20 workers, and that’s generally a lower number on the range that the hospitality industry suggests when it comes to guests, which is 1 toilet per 20-50 guests. The more guests you have, though, the more toilets you will need, and it’s recommended that you err on the side of safety with larger guests lists that reach into the 100-200 range.


If you have a set budget, the amount of guests you have will affect whether you’ll want to have a larger amount of toilets with the more affordable standard portable restrooms or splurge on fewer toilets but have access to our luxury portable restrooms. While we make all of our units as clean and attractive as possible, we usually recommend our luxury restrooms for high-budget weddings due to the additional amenities you get that fits the bill.

Trailer or Toilet

On the subject of amenities, in addition to our different types of portable restrooms accommodating different amounts of people, they also offer different amenities. Our standard portable toilets accommodate one guest at a time, but our trailers range in size from one men’s and one women’s cabin to commercial size, with 5 stalls in one cabin.

Our portable restroom trailers also offer those amenities you might be looking for, such as:

  • Flushable, porcelain toilets
  • Urinals
  • Stainless steel sinks with soap and paper towel dispensers
  • Vanities
  • Woodgrain flooring and other aesthetic additions
  • Air conditioning and heat


If you know that your guests will require a wheelchair or health aid-accessible toilet, then we have ADA compliant portable toilets and portable restroom trailers. These ADA portable toilets can be used by individuals who don’t need the accessibility, of course, but you may want to consider getting an ADA restroom in addition to a regular unit when planning for facilities.


As always, check with your venue and be aware of how much space you have available for your use, any restrictions the venue might place on size or type of portable restroom, and what the location of your venue is like geographically. Is it hilly? Does it meet the requirements for our portable restroom rentals? Our products will list any spatial or geographical needs in it’s description, but Moon always welcomes inquiries about our units!

To contact us with questions or to secure your portable restroom rental, call us at 502-776-2199, fill out a contact form on our website, or get a quote for your wedding reception today!

Moon Portable Restrooms has years of experience offering the best portable restrooms, restroom trailers, portable handicap restrooms, and handwashing stations available to customers across Kentucky and Southern Indiana. For more information, give Moon Portable Restrooms a call at 502-776-2199.

Can you be disqualified for going to the bathroom in golf?

Golfing Disqualifications: Going to the Bathroom

When it comes to summertime sports and the transition into fall athletic pastimes, everyone may have their own ideas of an ideal sport to play or watch. Due to weather transitions and a pick-up of activity in the autumn months, it’s easy to fall into a sport played in the outdoors, with indoor options if need be. Golf, however, is not one of those sports that has an indoor option.

No, if you want to play a full game, weather plays an important role in the proceedings. Storms and inclement weather can put a stop to it, but heat can, as well. Fall presents a wonderful time to play golf, with temperatures settling at more bearable levels and a beautiful show of the changing of seasons coming to town. The President’s Cup was just played a couple of weeks ago, at Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte, North Carolina from September 20 – 25.

September seems like a reasonable time of the year to expect cooler temperatures, right?

Well, on an ideal day, maybe. Summer heat seems to be stretching further and further into the year, and golfers must be ready to face the heat with portable fans and lots of hydration. But, with hydration, there comes the question of bathroom breaks – unless you’re at a high-end club with a bathroom or two strategically placed on or near the course, it seems you’re tough out of luck, and might have to escape to a thatch of trees or all the way back to the clubhouse if you want to do your business.

Except, if you’re a serious golfer competing in competitions, it seems that bathroom breaks could potentially earn you a disqualification.

Bathroom Breaks Aren’t Illegal in Golf, Right?

Well, unaccounted for bathroom breaks certainly have caused a stink for players in the past, that’s for sure.

In 2019, a 16 year old golfer participating in the U.S. Open sectional qualifying was disqualified after taking a bathroom break prior to turning his score card in due to an illness. And, while his coach and father cited the rule interpretation 5.6a/2, which states that, “if a player gets a sudden illness or injury (such as from heat exhaustion, a bee sting or being struck by a golf ball), the Committee should normally allow that player up to 15 minutes to recover before the player’s failure to continue play would be unreasonably delaying play.”

In this instance, the player returned around 15 minutes after the other players turned their score cards in and then failed to mention his illness, which is what led to his disqualification.

But that’s not the only time a golfer has been disqualified or docked for answering nature’s call – in 2017, two golfers got penalized in the same Women’s NCAA Golf Championship on different occasions for taking a golf cart to drive them to the closest facilities. This broke the regulation stating that, “a player must not ride on any form of transportation during a stipulated round unless authorized.” (Apparently, bathroom breaks are not authorized.)

Each player took a two-stroke penalty, which fortunately did not affect their teams or placement in the finals.

But this does seem to present a bit of a gendered-rift between regulations that can influence bathroom breaks. It’s been well known that male golfers can find a place as open as behind a cart or trash bin and do their business – it’s not so easy for women. Some might quote the existence of FUD — female urinary device — that lets the user go while standing up, but women, if wanting the same privacy and coverage as men, still have a more difficult time in finding a spot out of eyeshot of galleries and cameras. There is no simple “zipper down, release, zipper up,” and that makes finding a permanent or portable restroom pretty essential.

Portable Restrooms on the Green and Off

It seems that it may be a good idea to give portable restrooms a much bigger role in golf outings than we should like to think. Out of 18 holes, surely there would be a need at least once or twice – and at least you’d be protected from any airborne projectiles that golf is known for.

We hardly believe we’d make a case at this year’s President’s cup, but Moon Portable Restrooms likes to focus on our customers here in the Kentucky and Southern Indiana regions –  providing the clean, spacious portable restrooms, flushable restrooms, holding tanks, containment trays, and hand washing/sanitizing stations that we’re known for.

Moon Portable Restrooms has years of experience offering the best portable restrooms, restroom trailers, and handwashing stations available to customers across Kentucky and Southern Indiana. For more information, give Moon Portable Restrooms a call at 502-776-2199.