How to Find the Right Porta Potty Rental Company

Portable Restroom Rentals – they typically aren’t a common topic of discussion unless something unusually funny happens. However, if you are coordinating a special event, such as a run, walk, concert, charity event, or local celebration, then finding the right place to rent porta pottys becomes very important.

After months of planning, the last thing you want is people leaving your event because you didn’t have enough porta potty rental units. Think about what happens if the units aren’t delivered on time or at the right location? These are things you need to be aware of when looking for the right place to rent porty pottys.

In order to prevent these things from happening, it is important to work with a porta potty rental company you can trust. So how do you find one? Follow the tips below:

  1. Treat your search like you would search for the contractor you need. Whenever you need the services of a contractor, you ask friends, family members, coworkers, and neighbors for the name of a reputable company. Ask them what their experience was and if they would work with the company again.
  2. Online research. The internet, more than ever before, is becoming a place where you can learn just about everything you need to know about a business before contacting it. Search the name of the business on Google and see what reviews are posted. If someone took the time to go online and post a review about a porta potty company, you can guess the company either did a great job or a horrible one.
  3. Contact the company. After you’ve done all the research, contact the company that appears to be the right one. Interaction with staff will tell you a lot about how this company really works versus how it says it works. Ask them what they will do if you are unhappy with their services. Ask how their process works. The answers to these questions and others will tell you whether the company is more focused on you, the customer, or its own bottom line.
  4. Know what your needs are. If you’ve hosted a special event like a wedding or charity event in the past and you know how many porta potty units you need, then you know whether you need to work with a larger or smaller company. If you don’t know how many units you need, estimate the number of people that will attend. Ask the company if they can make an emergency delivery, should it turn out that your estimate was a little below the mark.

Moon Portable Restrooms takes great pride in providing superior portable restroom rentals and is highly recognized for renting clean and reliable restroom rental equipment in the Louisville, KY area. Our portable restrooms are perfect for small and large events alike and we deliver anywhere in Louisville. Please call us today at 502-776-2199 to ask us any questions you might have regarding porty potty rentals.

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