Flushable Portable Restrooms in Louisville KY for rent

Where It Comes From and Where It Goes: How a Flushable Portable Toilet Works

Moon Portable Restrooms is proud to have so many different models for different events and needs available for those in the Kentucky area, especially our flushable portable toilets and upscale restroom trailers with running water or showers!

Flushable portable toilets in Kentucky

When people think of portable restrooms, oftentimes, the only thing that comes to mind is a standard port-a-potty, baking in the sun without anything except the flies, a lock, a toilet, and – if you’re lucky – a roll of thin, one-ply toilet paper. With Moon standard portable toilets, you’ll get an experience better than that because we practice proper maintenance and sanitation, but standard units still aren’t the most exciting portable toilets out there no matter how well-kept they are.

Our flushable portable toilet units are a different story! These premium portable toilets offer larger floor space, a handwashing station, and the flushing mechanism that makes this upgrade worth the investment. The sanitary hands-free flushing foot pump is all you need to flush unsightly evidence of waste away and give off the impression that you’re business is your business. It has a capacity for up to 150 flushes, too, so you likely won’t need any more of them than you would a standard port-a-potty!

While flushable portable toilets seem like a great idea, how exactly do they work? And how do they manage to keep enough water to flush 150 times before they run out?

How a Moon Flushable Portable Restroom Works

Flushable Portable toilets are usually made of 4-5 core components:

  • A Toilet Seat
  • A Holding Tank
  • A Flushing Mechanism
  • A Pressure System
  • An Optional Additional Storage Tank

It’s difficult to believe that one flushable portable restroom could hold enough water for 150 flushes, but it all depends on how much water is being used to flush!

Flushable Portable Restrooms in Louisville KY for rentUnlike traditional residential toilets that require plumbing to bring waste and wastewater out via pipes to the sewer system, flushable portable toilets do not reply on the sewer system as they’re being used. Instead, since all waste is contained in a hidden holding tank directly underneath the toilet that is equipped with chemicals to eliminate odors, break all solid waste down (including toilet paper, which is why it’s usually so thin), and kill germs, gravity does a bulk of the work! The flushing mechanism simply facilitates the movement and guides all leftover matter down as well for a clean toilet every time from either a separate tank of clean water or using diluted deodorizing chemicals from the holding tank.

After approximately 150 flushes, the holding tank must be emptied and refilled with water to flush, which we’ll take care of! Additional holding tanks are available, and we’ll be happy to consult with you to figure out the best course of action on how many flushable units you’ll need for your event. Contact us or fill out a free quote form today!

Moon Portable Restrooms has years of experience offering the best portable restrooms, restroom trailers, portable handicap restrooms, and handwashing stations available to customers across Kentucky and Southern Indiana. For more information, give Moon Portable Restrooms a call at 502-776-2199.

Reward Construction Workers with Portable Restroom Trailers

Whether a construction crew is on a job site for a few days or a few weeks, the crew members typically appreciate the small conveniences that make working outside a little easier. Offering portable restroom trailers from Louisville KY at your construction site is a great way to show the crew that you appreciate the hard work they put in every day.

Luxury Amenities

Unlike regular portable toilets, portable restroom trailers offer luxury amenities that your construction crew is sure to appreciate. These trailers feature heat and air conditioning, so the crew can escape the harsh elements, if only for a few minutes. Each trailer also features hot and cold running water, so your crew can clean up properly after running sewer lines or doing any number of other dirty jobs. You can even opt for an on-duty attendant to keep the trailer clean all day long.

An Unexpected Surprise

Most construction workers expect the traditional portable toilets, and while they are a great option, portable restroom trailers offer a bit of an unexpected surprise at the job site. Show them how much you appreciate the hard work they do every day. These comfortable facilities give them a break from the day’s labor that is always appreciated. It’s a great way to welcome the crew to your construction site to show them that their experience with you will be different than any of their other jobs.

Convenient Setup

While portable restroom trailers Louisville KY might sound like they would be difficult to arrange, the setup is actually very simple. The trailers can be placed anywhere at your job site that is convenient, and the portable restroom trailers Louisville KY crew will handle all the details. When the construction job is complete, the trailers will be removed for you.

Portable restroom trailers are the perfect option for winter construction jobs to give the construction team shelter from the weather. You may also choose these trailers to make the restroom facilities at your job site more discreet. No matter what your reasons, your construction team will appreciate the comfort and convenience that comes with Louisville KY portable restroom trailers.