Portable Restroom Trailers for Growing Schools

Many schools add portable classroom trailers to their buildings to accommodate growing numbers of students, but this presents a challenge for how to get the students to the restroom when needed. School administrators may want to consider how portable restroom trailers can benefit their students.

The main school building can be far from the trailers, making it particularly difficult for younger students to get to the restrooms “in time.” By placing restroom facilities near your portable classroom cluster, you can help your youngest students with their personal needs throughout each school day. You can also eliminate the need for a teacher to leave the classroom to accompany students to the main building.

One of the challenges of offering portable facilities is ensuring that they are clean and easy for students to use. Portable restroom trailers feature flushing toilets and hot and cold running water, so your students have access to sanitary restrooms. This will put parents’ minds at ease about how your school is meeting the needs of students.

Portable restroom trailers also offer a host of features that students and teachers alike will appreciate.

Here are some of the features that these trailers offer:

  • Heating and air conditioning for year-round comfort
  • Complete privacy in each cabin
  • Separate facilities for male and female students
  • Accessible trailers meet the standards for the ADA to accommodate students with physical disabilities
  • Full-sized vanities for added convenience
  • Available retractable awnings provide protection from the elements

Your trailers will also come with a full-time attendant to ensure cleanliness at all times.

As you begin adding portable classrooms to your facilities, consider how your students might benefit from portable restroom trailers. If you are adding several classrooms, you might even consider multiple restroom trailers placed strategically near the classrooms. This way, all your students will have access to a restroom without having to wait in a line.

Your students will also appreciate having these trailers in the winter when temperatures begin to drop. Not only is each trailer heated, but they can also be located close enough to each classroom that your students won’t have to walk in the cold to reach a restroom.

As your school grows, so do the demands for added restrooms. Portable restrooms provide the temporary solution your schools need.

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