How Restroom Trailers Can Benefit Growing Outdoor Shopping Centers

Outdoor shopping centers, strip malls, and shopping centers undergoing renovations often face issues with providing restroom facilities for customers. One solution that more and more businesses are turning to is restroom trailers.

Many shopping centers don’t have stores with indoor restrooms, making it a challenge for customers to spend an entire day shopping at the location. Restroom trailers provide the much-needed feature that customers need to be able to “shop til they drop.” These trailers are climate-controlled, which makes them convenient throughout cold winter months or those dog days of summer.

Traditional portable toilets aren’t a viable solution for several reasons. Many shoppers are female, and they are often not likely to use a standalone portable toilet. There is also a concern about space, as the shoppers will need to cart their shopping bags with them. Portable toilet facilities don’t have enough space to accommodate bags and parcels. Restroom trailers are more spacious, and provide the room needed for busy shoppers.

Of course, comfort is another concern for shoppers. Since these trailers come with flushing porcelain toilets, full-sized vanities, and on-duty attendants, they provide all the comforts of a traditional restroom. Shoppers will appreciate having comfortable facilities to use while they are visiting your shopping center that is under renovation.

Shopping centers that are undergoing renovations face unique challenges for keeping customers happy. There are few things more disappointing during a shopping trip than finding a “please pardon our dust” sign and a locked bathroom. While customers understand that renovations are necessary, they still need the opportunity to use the restroom. Using restroom trailers can help to alleviate this issue. Be sure to provide clear signage throughout a store or shopping center so customers can find the portable restroom trailers more easily.

It’s important to remember that many customers will not assume that a standalone portable toilet is intended for their use. This is especially true for shopping centers that are undergoing renovations. Portable toilets are synonymous with construction workers, and your customers might believe that these facilities are not intended for anyone but your contractors. Restroom trailers look more inviting and are less likely to confuse your shoppers.

Provide all the comforts of a traditional public restroom at your shopping center or strip mall, and be sure to take restroom facilities into account when your business is undergoing renovations. Restroom trailers provide a unique, clean, and inviting solution that your customers will appreciate.

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