Portable Restroom Trailers for Growing Schools

Many schools add portable classroom trailers to their buildings to accommodate growing numbers of students, but this presents a challenge for how to get the students to the restroom when needed. School administrators may want to consider how portable restroom trailers can benefit their students.

The main school building can be far from the trailers, making it particularly difficult for younger students to get to the restrooms “in time.” By placing restroom facilities near your portable classroom cluster, you can help your youngest students with their personal needs throughout each school day. You can also eliminate the need for a teacher to leave the classroom to accompany students to the main building.

One of the challenges of offering portable facilities is ensuring that they are clean and easy for students to use. Portable restroom trailers feature flushing toilets and hot and cold running water, so your students have access to sanitary restrooms. This will put parents’ minds at ease about how your school is meeting the needs of students.

Portable restroom trailers also offer a host of features that students and teachers alike will appreciate.

Here are some of the features that these trailers offer:

  • Heating and air conditioning for year-round comfort
  • Complete privacy in each cabin
  • Separate facilities for male and female students
  • Accessible trailers meet the standards for the ADA to accommodate students with physical disabilities
  • Full-sized vanities for added convenience
  • Available retractable awnings provide protection from the elements

Your trailers will also come with a full-time attendant to ensure cleanliness at all times.

As you begin adding portable classrooms to your facilities, consider how your students might benefit from portable restroom trailers. If you are adding several classrooms, you might even consider multiple restroom trailers placed strategically near the classrooms. This way, all your students will have access to a restroom without having to wait in a line.

Your students will also appreciate having these trailers in the winter when temperatures begin to drop. Not only is each trailer heated, but they can also be located close enough to each classroom that your students won’t have to walk in the cold to reach a restroom.

As your school grows, so do the demands for added restrooms. Portable restrooms provide the temporary solution your schools need.

Sanitary Benefits of Portable Restroom Trailers

When people think of portable restrooms, sanitation is not the first thing that comes to mind, but it should be. Portable restroom trailers offer all the amenities that come with permanent, indoor restrooms, and they feature many sanitary benefits that your customers or visitors will appreciate. Take a closer look at these convenient options for handling large crowds at your venue.

On-Duty Attendants

Having an attendant on duty ensures that each cabin in a portable restroom trailer will get the attention it deserves, from cleaning the floors to wiping up spills from the counters. This added benefit of a portable restroom trailer is one that you don’t usually find in an indoor restroom, as janitorial staff members have more duties than just restroom maintenance.

Hot and Cold Water

One of the biggest complaints that people have about traditional portable toilets is the lack of access to hot water for hand washing and hygiene. Portable restroom trailers feature hot and cold running water, so guests can wash their hands with confidence before leaving the cabin. Having access to hot water provides a better opportunity to wash away germs found in public restrooms.

Flushing Toilets

Many people feel more comfortable using a restroom with flushing toilets. This ensures better sanitation, as waste products are flushed away after every use. Guests will appreciate the ability to use a clean, fresh toilet that is less likely to spread germs or disease.

Reduced Exposure to Bacteria and Viruses

All the components of a portable restroom trailer, from the on-duty attendant who cleans the trailer to the flushing toilets, helps to reduce exposure to bacteria and viruses. This gives your visitors added confidence, and will help you stand out as a business that cares about health and good sanitation.

Whether your building is undergoing construction or you need to accommodate extra visitors during your busy season, you’ll likely want to consider how to add restroom facilities to your site. Portable restroom trailers offer the sanitation your guests demand at a price you can afford. Be sure to consider these trailers as a viable solution to your company’s restroom challenges.

Portable Restroom Trailers for Football Season

Football season is an exciting time for junior high schools, high schools, and colleges, but accommodating all the spectators can be difficult without the proper preparation. Before you open your ticket window this season, consider the improvements you can make to your stadium that will benefit fans of the home team and visitors from the opposing team. Portable restroom trailers can offer many benefits for your facility.

Stadiums with No Restrooms

Junior high schools and high schools don’t always have restroom facilities located near the stadium. Some schools choose to keep an entrance to the main building open to accommodate fans, but that means keeping janitors and security on hand throughout the game to secure the building and ensure that no one is entering the rest of the school on a Friday night or Saturday afternoon.

Portable restroom trailers are the cost-efficient alternative for these schools. They offer access to toilets, sinks, and vanities without having to pay to staff the main building of your school.

Stadiums with High Attendance Numbers

If your school is fortunate enough to have restroom facilities built into the stadium, you might find that you can’t serve all your fans efficiently. For the homecoming game or that big game against your rival team, high attendance numbers could present logistical problems for your restrooms. Your janitorial staff might not be able to keep up with the number of people using your restrooms, or people may be forced to wait in long lines.

Adding a portable restroom trailer on the visitor and on the home team sides of the stadium can alleviate some of the overcrowding in your main restrooms while still providing excellent facilities for ticketholders.

What Are the Benefits of Portable Restroom Trailers?

Portable restroom trailers are not your average portable toilets. These trailers come with a host of amenities that make them a great option for crowded arenas. Here are some of the many features of a deluxe trailer for your next game:

  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Full-time attendants
  • Hot and cold running water
  • Stylish vessel sinks
  • Corian counters
  • Complete privacy in each cabin

Your portable trailer will feature three separate cabins; two for women and one for men. The unique design gives your guests the feeling that they are in a clean, permanent structure, while you get the benefits of renting a portable restroom.

Score a touchdown with your fans by using portable restroom trailers to make game day more enjoyable.

Portable Restrooms for Campgrounds

Even for the most avid of campers, “roughing it” isn’t exactly fun when it comes to using the restroom. Adding portable restrooms to your campground might just be the thing that sets your business apart from competing campgrounds in the area. Consider some of the many ways your guests will benefit from having access to portable restrooms on your grounds.


While some campers are okay with the idea of finding a place in a natural setting, many prefer the privacy that comes with using a modern restroom facility. Portable restrooms are the affordable option to give your customers the amenities they demand.

No Plumbing Required

Adding indoor toilets to your cabins and other buildings requires a significant financial investment in plumbing, sewage, and water services. By installing portable restrooms, you can save money on these types of expensive projects while giving your customers a safe, clean, and secure place to meet their personal needs.

Shelter from the Weather

Portable restrooms provide cover from the rain or harsh weather, so your guests won’t need to attend to their personal needs while being exposed to the elements. During inclement weather, campers will love the ability to use the restroom without being rained on in a storm.


Combine your portable toilets with a hand wash station to ensure proper hygiene in your campground. Your guests will appreciate this added touch, especially those campers with small children. Portable toilets that are regularly maintained are also hygienic, so your guests will be able to use the facilities with confidence.


Placing portable toilets strategically throughout your campsite can help to keep your grounds clean and provide people with the access to restrooms that they need. Place them near fishing sites, fire pits, cabins, and anywhere else people gather at your site.

Portable restrooms are an essential consideration for any campground. By giving your campers access to clean, private restrooms, you can be sure that your facility will stand out from the competition. Invest in these helpful tools that keep your campgrounds clean and tidy, and give people a reason to do business with you.

How Restroom Trailers Can Benefit Growing Outdoor Shopping Centers

Outdoor shopping centers, strip malls, and shopping centers undergoing renovations often face issues with providing restroom facilities for customers. One solution that more and more businesses are turning to is restroom trailers.

Many shopping centers don’t have stores with indoor restrooms, making it a challenge for customers to spend an entire day shopping at the location. Restroom trailers provide the much-needed feature that customers need to be able to “shop til they drop.” These trailers are climate-controlled, which makes them convenient throughout cold winter months or those dog days of summer.

Traditional portable toilets aren’t a viable solution for several reasons. Many shoppers are female, and they are often not likely to use a standalone portable toilet. There is also a concern about space, as the shoppers will need to cart their shopping bags with them. Portable toilet facilities don’t have enough space to accommodate bags and parcels. Restroom trailers are more spacious, and provide the room needed for busy shoppers.

Of course, comfort is another concern for shoppers. Since these trailers come with flushing porcelain toilets, full-sized vanities, and on-duty attendants, they provide all the comforts of a traditional restroom. Shoppers will appreciate having comfortable facilities to use while they are visiting your shopping center that is under renovation.

Shopping centers that are undergoing renovations face unique challenges for keeping customers happy. There are few things more disappointing during a shopping trip than finding a “please pardon our dust” sign and a locked bathroom. While customers understand that renovations are necessary, they still need the opportunity to use the restroom. Using restroom trailers can help to alleviate this issue. Be sure to provide clear signage throughout a store or shopping center so customers can find the portable restroom trailers more easily.

It’s important to remember that many customers will not assume that a standalone portable toilet is intended for their use. This is especially true for shopping centers that are undergoing renovations. Portable toilets are synonymous with construction workers, and your customers might believe that these facilities are not intended for anyone but your contractors. Restroom trailers look more inviting and are less likely to confuse your shoppers.

Provide all the comforts of a traditional public restroom at your shopping center or strip mall, and be sure to take restroom facilities into account when your business is undergoing renovations. Restroom trailers provide a unique, clean, and inviting solution that your customers will appreciate.

Help Ease Restroom Demand at Your Festival or Fair with Restroom Trailers

Festival season draws large crowds of people looking for food, music, and fun. While everyone wants to have a great experience, many festival-goers are disappointed with the restroom facilities offered at these events. Too few accommodations, the lack of sinks, and the lack of comfortable restrooms often leave people frustrated and unhappy with the festival experience. Restroom trailers can ease the demand for restrooms and provide a way to keep your patrons happy.

Luxury Portable Restroom Features

Unlike traditional portable toilets, restroom trailers offer all the comforts of a traditional restroom. These trailers come equipped with porcelain toilets with a pedal flushing mechanism, vanities, and a retractable outdoor awning. Each trailer also comes with an on-duty attendant to keep the trailer neat and clean for a better user experience. All trailers feature heat and air conditioning, so your patrons will be comfortable no matter what time of year your festival is held.

Restroom Cleanliness

One of the biggest issues people have with public restrooms is the cleanliness factor. Restroom trailers are the perfect solution, as the on-duty attendant handles all the cleaning concerns throughout the course of the day. With cleaner facilities come happier crowds.

Understanding Customer Needs

Women traditionally take a bit longer in the restroom than men, and restroom trailers are designed to anticipate this need. Each trailer comes with one men’s stall and two women’s stalls. This will help reduce the line of people waiting to use the facilities, and it will keep your female patrons happy. Women are not always happy about the prospect of using the same portable toilets as men for a variety of reasons. Having separate stalls solves this problem.

Shorter Lines

With a restroom trailer, people will naturally line up to wait in a more orderly fashion. Men will line up on one side, and women will line up on the other. With two women’s stalls and one men’s stall, this setup will actually move people in and out more quickly. Rent several trailers for larger festivals, and place them strategically throughout the festival grounds so people won’t have to walk far to get to a facility.

When you place restroom trailers at your fair or festival, your patrons will appreciate the attention to detail you show in planning your event. You’ll be able to ease overcrowding and keep everyone at your event happy. Use a mix of restroom trailers and stand-alone units, or completely outfit your next event with restroom trailers.

Make Your Wedding Stand Out with a Luxury Portable Toilet

Your wedding is the most special day in your life. Why would you treat it as anything less than that? If you are looking to have the best wedding possible, then you need luxury portable toilets! If you haven’t been to an event with luxury toilets available, you might be wondering how they differ from the units you are so used to seeing at other events:

  1. They typically come in the form of a trailer. A luxury portable toilet is more like a portable men’s and women’s restroom than it is a single toilet stall. The trailers are typically 20 feet long or longer, ten feet wide, and ten feet high. The experience will be similar to walking into a restroom similar to a hotel or other luxury facility.
  2. They also have ADA-approved accessibility. While the standard single units are all separate and will require the rental of an additional unit for the physically handicapped, luxury portable toilets include a special section that is ADA-approved. It seems strange that something which should be a given often ends up being a luxury.
  3. The exterior has an attractive, professional, and polished look. The standard porta potty is blue, white, and plain. It does the job, and that’s about it. Luxury portable toilets, however, are included inside of a trailer that may have faux siding, for example. They look more like a small cottage or summer cabin than they do a restroom. They will impress your guests.
  4. The interior is finished like that of a hotel. Although the materials used on the interior are often imitations, they nonetheless create a much more attractive appearance. Walls appear to be marble, wood floors are laminated, and rugs are often present. Cabinets are made of oak, toilets are porcelain, polished brass faucets are present, and sometimes you might even hear relaxing sound emanating from a stereo sound system. The experience is similar to using a restroom at a luxury hotel.

Luxury portable toilets are much more comfortable and appealing than the standard offering. If you want to truly impress your guests, a luxury portable restroom is the only way to go.

Ready to take your wedding to the next level? Moon Portable Restrooms in Louisville, KY takes great pride in providing superior portable restroom rentals and is highly recognized for renting clean and reliable restroom rental equipment. Our luxury portable restrooms are perfect addition for your wedding and can be delivered anywhere in Louisville. Please call us today at 502-776-2199 to ask us any questions you might have regarding luxury portable toilets.

How to Find the Right Porta Potty Rental Company

Portable Restroom Rentals – they typically aren’t a common topic of discussion unless something unusually funny happens. However, if you are coordinating a special event, such as a run, walk, concert, charity event, or local celebration, then finding the right place to rent porta pottys becomes very important.

After months of planning, the last thing you want is people leaving your event because you didn’t have enough porta potty rental units. Think about what happens if the units aren’t delivered on time or at the right location? These are things you need to be aware of when looking for the right place to rent porty pottys.

In order to prevent these things from happening, it is important to work with a porta potty rental company you can trust. So how do you find one? Follow the tips below:

  1. Treat your search like you would search for the contractor you need. Whenever you need the services of a contractor, you ask friends, family members, coworkers, and neighbors for the name of a reputable company. Ask them what their experience was and if they would work with the company again.
  2. Online research. The internet, more than ever before, is becoming a place where you can learn just about everything you need to know about a business before contacting it. Search the name of the business on Google and see what reviews are posted. If someone took the time to go online and post a review about a porta potty company, you can guess the company either did a great job or a horrible one.
  3. Contact the company. After you’ve done all the research, contact the company that appears to be the right one. Interaction with staff will tell you a lot about how this company really works versus how it says it works. Ask them what they will do if you are unhappy with their services. Ask how their process works. The answers to these questions and others will tell you whether the company is more focused on you, the customer, or its own bottom line.
  4. Know what your needs are. If you’ve hosted a special event like a wedding or charity event in the past and you know how many porta potty units you need, then you know whether you need to work with a larger or smaller company. If you don’t know how many units you need, estimate the number of people that will attend. Ask the company if they can make an emergency delivery, should it turn out that your estimate was a little below the mark.

Moon Portable Restrooms takes great pride in providing superior portable restroom rentals and is highly recognized for renting clean and reliable restroom rental equipment in the Louisville, KY area. Our portable restrooms are perfect for small and large events alike and we deliver anywhere in Louisville. Please call us today at 502-776-2199 to ask us any questions you might have regarding porty potty rentals.