Moon Portable Restrooms provides portable restroom rentals to the residents of Clarksville, IN.

Portable Restroom Rentals in Clarksville, IN

When exploring the Kentuckiana region, Clarksville, IN is a can’t miss stop for those interested in history, geography, archaeology, and more! Moon Portables provides portable restroom rentals all over Kentucky and Southern Indiana, including Clarksville. Read more about the town below! About Clarksville, IN As the oldest American town in the former Northwest Territory, Clarksville […]

Moon Portable Restrooms has enough portable toilets for any size of wedding!

How Many Portable Restrooms Should I Rent?

Wedding season. How festive a time with just as much chaotic energy and stress as there are nuptial joys – a good wedding might seem put together from the outside, but if you’ve ever planned an event, then you might know how the minute details make all the difference. From how level the ground is […]

Flushable Portable Restrooms in Louisville KY for rent

Where It Comes From and Where It Goes: How a Flushable Portable Toilet Works

Moon Portable Restrooms is proud to have so many different models for different events and needs available for those in the Kentucky area, especially our flushable portable toilets and upscale restroom trailers with running water or showers! When people think of portable restrooms, oftentimes, the only thing that comes to mind is a standard port-a-potty, […]